Monday, July 25, 2011


I woke up this morning with purpose. I made a phone call, and was seriously derailed from my sunny outlook. So, I got on facebook looking for some cheerful post to make me realize that I was feeling a bit sorry for myself and to get my ass up and going. You know, enjoy life. I ran across a post from a girl I am not really friends with, talking about how she is pregnant. Again. With like, her fifth or something. This was the point I started judging... and for what?

You know, sometimes a person just gets all they can take before blowing up. Reading this, you are probably judging me...thinking.. what the EFF does she have to moan and groan about? Well, I'll tell you. The person I called first thing this morning actually called me last night looking for help. When I called her back today, I had some great news for her and then she blew me off. It's incredibly frustrating to try an help someone who won't help themselves. SO, I judged.

Then, I judged someone for being pregnant, (I am awesome.) which is lowest of the low..and only because I am ready to have kids, had a bad morning, and somehow decided that She shouldn't have 5 kids before I can have one. To you, sort-of-friend-from-facebook, I apologize. I know that was wrong, and I wish you nothing but happiness.

Do you judge? Are you more likely to do it when you are upset or angry? I know I am. So, I got it off my chest and now I am off to clean the house because Lord knows, if anyone walked in here right now, they would judge me in a heartbeat. And I would care. Just a little.

*Come Together- Aerosmith

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