Monday, July 11, 2011


It took me an entire week (and several smoothies...more on that later) to recover from my vacation/camping extravaganza!

To say we ate all weekend would be the understatement of the century. Be we sure did eat good! I bought these cool frozen breakfast bags that we sauteed over our campfire in the mornings. Bill fashioned an awesome cooking grate that we used to make these giant hamburgers. They were completely amazing. Of course it wouldn't be the fourth if July without watermelon, so there was some of that too, and s'mores of course!
Sometimes blogger sucks, y'all. It wouldn't turn these pictures around no matter how nicely I asked it to. It's totally jacked up, but we'll make do. : )

 We spent several nights out in the wilderness and we even got to take the dogs! I think they were incredibly happy to not be left behind and they did copious amounts of snooping through the woods, peeing on things they shouldn't have, begging for food and in Bruiser's case, batting her eyelashes for beer.  
We also got to check out JT's new boat and holy cow, it's amazing. He has everything you could think of. A huge sound system, wake boards and tubes, a built in cooler, and best of all, a fantastic captain and first mate. : ) We are so lucky to have friends this nice and welcoming! Mark did get a little bored since he still isn't supposed to do a whole lot with his, and we didn't want to re-injure it, he made like a perv and started taking pictures of me in my bathing suit. Sleazeball! : ) He did take one that I sort of liked, see below. My rack looks great from an aerial, upside down view. Thanks, honey!

 It was a great weekend to be with friends and family. Mark had a lot of family who were able to join us this year. His grandmother, his mom and dad, his aunt and her boyfriend, and my mom and Wayne and Ryan were all able to make it out. Mark was a little stressed at the beginning of the day, but as usual, it all fell together at the end and he and "the crew gave us a fantastic show.
This year, we packed up early and headed home after the fireworks instead of heading back down to camp for another night like we normally do. It makes the weekend so much better when we aren't taking down camp, freeing the street of debris from the show and trying to recuperate all in one day. My mom stayed the night with us and we were even able to sneak a peek at the pictures I had taken from the show.

Ryan being there was SO much fun. His expression was priceless! Every time something lit up the sky, he would shout, "Hedda! LOOK! They're SO BIG!!" and then he would laugh and smile. He was so funny! I was so glad Wayne brought him out! This was my first year getting to watch the fireworks with him because they usually take him to the park. Since Holly was out of town, Wayne decided to bring him to the "El Pad" and we're so glad he did! (Mark also needed the help with all the fireworks, so we are thankful for that as well!

 These two pictures are priceless! Click to make them larger. In the first you can see members of "The Crew" in action. The second one is the are much more easily identified. Special thanks to JT, Andrew, Jackson, Mark, Eric, Ronnie and Wayne. You guys made it awesome!

I hope your Independence Day weekend was as awesome as mine was. I'm ready for more camping already!

Love to all!

*It's Like That- Jay-Z

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