Monday, June 1, 2009

Boat, Boat, Fun!

Eric invited us out for some boat fun on Sunday. It was a wonderful excuse to get out of the house, without having to do yard work, and enjoy the sun. Chris joined us for the fun too. It was beautiful out on the lake, although none of us were brave enough to get in the water, whether that was due to the ash spill or the water temperature, I am not sure. We all needed some sun. We were a little pasty. : )

Chris' aim was to get scorched. I don't think he succeeded, but a valiant effort was made, nonetheless. There was no offering this guy any sunscreen. Mark and I- look at Mark's tan lines! He's outside a lot at work now, so he's got that hot farmers' tan going on. This is my first attempt at a two piece in 3 years, people. It's new and green and I love it. My hair is new and red, I love it too, just not in this particular photo.

Eric chillaxin. Even he looks like he needs some sun, and for Rasco, that's saying something! We had a great time. We pulled out a rap mix from 2002 and jammed out. Rasco has an arsenal of old music. Gotta love it. : )

Thanks Eric! We had a blast!

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