Thursday, June 11, 2009

the one where my blog goes over to the dark side

It has been a shitty week, of massive proportions.

Well, hello there! Not the sunny, happy, nephew loving Heather you were expecting to encounter? This girl is blue this week, ladies and gents, sorry. I actually cried today while getting a pedicure. WTF?

The crappiest part of all of it, is that I can't really explain what's bothering me. Not publicly, anyway. So, we'll just say that this blog will be about the other 5% of the week that has sucked, okay?

Moving on. I was supposed to be going out for a weekend of R and freaking R with some friends on their land yacht. This has been canceled. And when I really needed it the most. Damn! My weekend will now be spent installing a storm door for the in laws, cleaning out the garage and doing other boring crap that I really have no interest in being part of. Hopefully by then I will be a better sport about the whole thing.

Ryan (oh wait, there's the nephew loving heather!) also had to have a minor procedure done today. It was only a Colonoscopy, but he's so little and I have been losing sleep over it all week. It's the first time he's been "put under" for anything, so it was really scary. Thankfully, today was D Day and things went great and hopefully his little issues will be straightened out before too long. Holly and Wayne and the doctors and everyone else on the planet are hoping dietary change will sort out most of his problems.

So after all the stress about Ryan and the other 95% of my problems, (which leave me without words) I am not getting out of town this weekend. I am really hoping Karma turns this one around for me.

The only positive things I can say right now are: that Mark is completely understanding and wonderful and that Saber, (my husky) has hear head sitting in my lap-where it has been for the past several hours. I think she's on to me, feeling blue, which is nice to know.

I will leave you with this, 'cause it's sounding like a pretty good idea right now.

More on a day when I am a lot less bitchy...

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