Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ryan's Birthday BASH

Pictures! As promised! Here are few highlights from Ryan's Birthday party.

Ryan with Brittany's Mello Yellow. He didn't want to give it back!

Sweet photographer (extraordinaire) Carrie Helle- Gotcha!

Bailey and me. I can't believe I didn't get one with myself and Ryan all day!

Rachel and Grammy relaxing...

Mark 'manning the grill' Holly came to supervise. : )

Tiffany and Olivia with her squirt gun.

Opening gifts: Once again, the boy racked up!

Kittrells' and Courtney enjoying some fine cooking!

Caden and his cousins in the sand box!

Banner... says it all, really.

All in all, it was a wonderful day! The party was a success: the kids had fun, there was PLENTY to eat, and the weather was hot, but pretty. I think Ryan had a great time. Special thanks to Carrie Helle from ella minnow pea for taking better photos than the ones you'll see here.

I know the video is shaky, too. I will get better... and dude in the hat... couldn't you see I was filming? MOVE! Happy Birthday, little man!

Aunt Hedda


carrie helle said...

you could have left the second picture out! cute pics of mr. ryan:)

Ellis Island said...

I love that picture! You look so pretty and deserve to be recognized! I can't wait to see what you shot at the party! : )

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