Friday, April 8, 2011

flowers and awesomeness

A whopping nine days since my last post. I feel like I have neglected my blog and blogging buddies! It's been sort of busy, sort of not. Allergies are getting the best of me today. Since I've been taking allergy meds, the pollen took residence in my lungs. Last night I started losing my voice and my throat was sore, so I did two hot toddys and a warm bath, which helped really not at all. Today I started taking Mucinex (-isn't that a disgusting name? anyway,), and it has helped some. I HATE a chest cold. They are worse than anything else if you ask me. YUCK.

I've been playing with my camera a bunch in the last few days because everything is just so pretty right now. There are shades of pink and purple everywhere and tulips galore. The dogwoods have bloomed out, too. The older I get the more I love flowers.

We also had my birthday party last weekend, and can I just say WOW? I had so much fun. It was Eighties themed and most people participated. All of the ones who didn't brought presents, so that was  pretty awesome, too. : )

Yo, B. Check us out. We're Funky.

In other news, the crazy cat hoarders from next door are being evicted. Or so we are told. I'm so happy about this turn of play I'm about to wet my pants. They have been cleaning out their storage unit in the back yard, so I am hoping everything plays out swiftly. As in they really do move and we inherit awesome news neighbors who like to plant flowers and listen to good music. They may have one male cat, but it has to be fixed. And if I'm being perfectly honest, they won't have a cat at all, they'll be dog people and we'll be best buds. Are you looking for a house to buy? We are fun people to have as neighbors. Unless you have a cat horde of unfixed felines. Then of course, all bets are off.

So! On the crazy front. I got my first 2 week appointment. Apparently, I am doing well enough that I may go 2 weeks without professional intervention. : ) It's nice on the pocketbook, too. I also had a job interview today and that's always uplifting. Still not sure what I wanna do, but I'm trying.

I hope your week has been awesome. : )

*James Blunt- Beautiful Dawn

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