Saturday, January 23, 2010

my favorite author

Since I have been reading like crazy since Christmas, I can't help but share some of my favorite selections. Jennifer Weiner (pronounced Wy-ner), is one of my favorite authors. She write predominately about women, and most of her heroines are plus sized. -Score one for the big, curvy girls! I received her two newest books for Christmas, Certain Girls and Best Friends Forever.

Certain Girls I read first, and I just started Best Friends Forever, so more on that one later.  Certain Girls is a sequel to Good in Bed. Cannie Shapiro is married and her daughter, Joy is getting ready for her bat mitzvah. She's a little bratty and sort of hates her mom. Cannie has tried to keep her writing about Joy's "Bruce" underwraps, but Joy decides to read her mother's book and begins a bit of a quest for the truth about her family. A must read for chicks.

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