Friday, January 1, 2010


This year, I made three Resolutions.

Number 1. Quit smoking.
How long do you think it takes before you have "officially" quit? A month? A year?

Number 2. Join a Gym.
I am looking for something in the Kingston/Harriman area. Nothing too expensive. Ideas?

Number 3. Make my Bucket List.
See previous post.

So that's one down, 2 to go. I haven't smoked all day today, but my house is spotless. I took down my tree, unceremonious again this year, and started my black eyed peas. I may have to start over soon, because the need for nicotine is about to drive me insane!!!!! : )   Also, a gym......hmmmm

What were your resolutions?


Jade said...

Congrats on quiting smoking! You can do it, look at it this way, not only will you be healthier but look at all the money you can save!

Ellis Island said...

Thanks! I know. I just made it through the first 36 hours. I'm moving right along!

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