Monday, January 11, 2010

Nicotine Addict No Mo?

Hopefully. It's been 11 days since I quit smoking. COLD TURKEY, people. Like as in, no smokes at all and no supplements either. No Gum, no patch, no inhaler, no gross tobacco pouches to suck on (ew).  I feel... decent. The first day was ok. It was like being at work and having to wait to have one, or being out. I have really had to change my habits. The car is the hardest part, so I chew gum like a mad woman. The second and third days were ok... like I was getting used to not smoking. The fourth day was pretty bad. I guess it took that long for all of the nicotine to find it's way out of my system, because, man, I was a BITCH. Epic Bitch is what Mark was calling me behind my back, I'm sure. He was really supportive when I allowed him to be, but mostly, I was just HATEFUL. FULL OF HATE. MEAN. UGLY. NOT NICE.

I am not joking. Anyway, feeling better now, but it's weird. I don't have that urge anymore, but when I see people smoking, I think man, I would love one of those. However, when I smell people smoking I have a mixed reaction. It's more like: You stink like ass, here, give me that. Weird.


Talia said...

Congrats!! I'm proud of you!

Ellis Island said...

Thank you! I need all the support I can get!

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