Friday, April 30, 2010

heather, lately

Well, we made it through the 30 day Shred. I'll be honest. We didn't work out everyday... and I think Jillian took it out on us when we didn't. However, that said, we both look better. My clothes are a little too big right now. I need two new belts and I am actually exciting about the prospect of bathing suit season. Couple that with the possibility of us buying a boat, and I'd say we are pretty happy campers.

I'm not sure if I can continue on with Jillian exclusively, though. I like challenges and tend to get a little bored. Wednesday night, we went and played softball as part of our workout. It was awesome, but man, my shoulder was sore the next day. I think trying new things will help us find our niche.

It feel like it's been forever since I posted anything of real substance, so, while I'm on that kick, what about Grey's Anatomy? I'm thinking this new chick who's in love with Derek is going to become something from fatal attraction. Just a thought. Also, I miss Lexie and McSteamy.

I watched several good movies recently- The Young Victoria was AMAZING, and Law Abiding Citizen was good too, but a bit graphic in the beginning.

On the remodeling front, we finally got moved downstairs. I absolutely love my new bedroom. It's so much roomier, and I am having a blast adding to the decor down there. As a matter of fact, most of the things I got to decorate came from yard sales, which has become a near every weekend occurrence for Mark and I. Today we found a beefeater's lemonade jar (for the kitchen, obviously) and he got some great, brand new broiler pans.

I rode with Bill the other night up to Maryville College to see Kyle at the leadership awards ceremony. I'm so proud of him! He was elected most Outstanding Junior in his class. Of, like, the whole college. No small feat!

In sad news, I lost my cousin, Pat, to Picks disease this week. It was a long terrible battle, but I am happy she isn't suffering anymore. Our family is having her memorial service next weekend, on account for people coming from out of town (and country) to be here for it. She will be surely missed, but our loss is certainly heaven's gain.

To end on a higher note, softball season has started here in Kingston, and the fields are bursting with children. Mark's cousin Taylor is playing and we were able to catch her first scrimmage. Hoo, boy, she's got an arm! We're so proud of her, and I can't wait to see her in action again soon. It brought back so many fond memories of myself playing on that same field, in days that were a lot less encumbered by life's hurdles.

Ah.... to be young and free again.

*Slip Slidin' Away- Paul Simon


Man Mojack said...

Glad to hear about your "Jillian Michaels" results. How are your knees?

Ellis Island said...

Much better since I started with her. I really want to start running again. I miss it so much! I think this time I will go to the track and see if that helps.

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