Sunday, April 18, 2010

technological advances

We're so behind. We finally got cable, as I mentioned a few weeks back. About a week ago, we got a laptop. I think we've been so wrapped up in home improvement projects that we've let everything else slide.

As far as cable goes, our package only includes channels 1-99. So far, Whose Line is it Anyway is the only actual show I have found that I have really missed, and it doesn't air until midnight. Networks however, are a little bit different. I love Animal Planet and the Food Network, along with Spike and USA. Why can't we just choose the cannels we want and not have any of the rest? I think our perfect recipe would include the afore mentioned stations and add, Showtime, Sci-Fi (for Mark) and maybe even a little ESPN (for football season). Aside from that, I haven't stumbled across anything I can't live without.

The laptop, is a different story. As I write this, I am sitting out on my back porch. It's Sunday morning, the dogs are snoozing and I am enjoying the birds chirping and the crisp, cool air that's filtering through my screened in porch. It's LOVELY. That's putting it mildly. I love it. The only thing that would make it better, I think, would be if I liked coffee. (It's a little cool this morning!) The greatest part about the laptop, is I can be outside using it and not feel guilty. I used to try an imitate this weather inside by throwing the windows in the office open. It's not the same. I can smell the leftover smoke from last nights campfire and I can see the dogs baking themselves like lizards just outside the screen door.

happiness... is a laptop on the backporch.

Also, something I am going to try to start including in my posts: what I am listening to at the time... I leave you with:

*Little Boxes: Malvina Reynolds

Happy Sunday!

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