Sunday, April 18, 2010

new uses for old things

Yard Sales. My new favorite thing to do on Saturday morning. Last week, I found two srtange looking metal stands that I am going to be turing into flower pots. This week, I found a dress- (very 50's house wife) and a set of sheets that I used to turn an old coffee table into a bench at the foot of our bed.

We've decided to move downstairs. We have a king size bed that just barely fits into our bedroom. The bedroom downstairs is HUGE. So, I'm redecorating. Again. It's great that Mark loves me, or I might be afraid that I am really pissing him off with all of the moving. : )

In other redecorating news, Mark refinished an old Barn Table. It's Beautiful. No really. I can't wait to post pictures of it. You will love it too.

We were actually supposed to work on our "new" bedroom again today, but it's too nice to stay inside, so we're making other plans.

Enjoy your week.

*Joe's Head- Kings of Leon

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