Wednesday, April 21, 2010

less than perfect

This day has been one I am still trying to shake off. I work with a woman who is so fake that I literally have to take a deep breath before I speak to her, just so I won't yell at her. Most kinds of fake I can stomach. The fake voice of lady customers who pretend to be nice to you, when they really think you are beneath them. Fake compliments on your hair, when you know it looks like crap. Fake promises for that lunch date you know is never going to happen. Yes. I, like most people, I think, can handle those kinds of fake. The kind of fake I can't handle is the one where you know that everything that comes out of someones mouth is either a lie, a huge exaggeration or something they are making up as they follow other peoples conversations.

Honestly, that kind of fake is exhausting to listen to and watch. And really annoying. How do people like this survive? Do they continually have to get a new job so that when the other folk they work with have finally had enough and tell them to hit the road? Do they watch TV at night to arm themselves with new stories? or worst of all, do they not realize what they are doing? Unfortunately, I tend to think it's the latter of the bunch. This is so sad, but mostly annoying.

Does anyone bug you where you work? How do you deal with it?

*The White Stripes- Seven Nation Army

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