Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Are we starved?

Did romance die or just evolve? This question came from thinking about a certain book. A certain set of books, really. The Twilight Saga. You've heard of them, yes? Surely you have. Everyone who's anyone has heard of Twilight.

Sorry to insult of if you haven't- I'll move on, but this post will be boring for you people living under rocks without Twilight access. I was hesitant to really post anything about these books, having read them long, long ago, myself, I was a little bummed out when they got all hyped. I do that for some reason. I get all defensive and like to keep things small, because they are usually better that way. For the record, I loved these books. Every woman has that fantasy of being worshiped, right? Anyway, when the movie came out, I went to see it by myself. Apparently lots of other ladies did that Friday morning as well, because there was only one guy in the theatre (which was full) and I think they made him check his balls at the front door when he bought the ticket.

Back to my original thought. Are we starved for romance? Edward was that old fashioned, open the door for a lady, no sex before marriage, take her to a secluded field so she can marvel at your diamond encrusted body, kiss you on the forehead, give you anything you want kind of romance going on. Basically, everyone is salivating over this make believe man. And can we help it? I think the answer must be no. Those expectations are so unrealistic, no wonder teenage girls are running around with team Edward and team Jacob shirts. Don't get me wrong, I'm not man bashing here, just being honest. Do we really expect our husbands and boyfriends and lovers to be like this?. And what of we were all like Bella, whining, crying, falling down all the time, pitching a fit to get our way... or wait... are we? Is that why the romance died?

...Note to self. Be less like Bella, more like ....hmmm... I will have to get back to myself on that thought later...

Alas, I think the answer is simple. We may be starving ourselves through our own actions. They do tend to speak louder than words. Romance evolved because women and men have evolved. Does anyone know how to "unevolve" romance?

*Honey if you are reading this, I do think it's very romantic when you kiss me on the forehead just so you wont get lip "gunk" on your lips.

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