Thursday, March 19, 2009

Next Blog, if you please.

Have you ever wondered what the little button at the top of your screen that says Next Blog will do if you push it?

Well I did. I'm nosy. I mean curious. Anyway, it will take you to a blog you have probably never seen before. It might also be written in Chinese, Japanese, Indian or some other language hey failed to offer at your local high school. I tried to resurrect some of my Latin and figure out what some of them meant, but no dice. I did translate one thing, but it was in Spanish and was fairly easy: uno. I guess I get no points for that.

Here are a few blogs I found that I was sort of interested in. It's nice to read outside of your comfort zone from time to time. Check them out!
this one was about a farm in Texas where the livestock eat out of bathtubs. No really. I swear.
Featured various pieces of art. It was different, but neat. The one of trees I particularly liked.
A blog about a couple who hiked the Appalachian trail in the summer of 08. They encountered a rattlesnake and a terrible thunderstorm on their journey. They even came through Rocky Top!

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the mama bird diaries said...

wow. there are a lot of interesting blogs out there.

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