Tuesday, March 17, 2009

From Economic Hardships to Earth Friendly Ways to Save!

As most of us know, the economy has seen better days. We are all trying to do our part around my house to keep the rising cost of essentials down. Examples: Mark and I (well, OK Mark) installed a "navy shower head" in the downstairs bathroom. If you haven't heard of or seen one, they look like a really small version of the one most people have in their homes. The cool part about them is they have a little button on one side you can push to turn the water off while you are showering. The idea is to turn it off, lather up, turn it back on and rinse. Believe it or not, this little guy has made a difference in our water bill! We have also been overly watchful to turn out lights in rooms we aren't occupying and leaving the windows open to compensate for cool air. Our electric bill was down $50 dollars when we first started doing this!

We also recycle. Plastic, cans and newspaper. We were doing glass as well, but they don't take it anymore at the recycle center we use- which was frustrating. How can you not have a glass receptacle at a recycling center?

Anyway, this week, Mark showed me a clip of people who are REALLY dedicated to saving the Earth and a little money at the same time. Have you heard of an Earthship? I hadn't until I saw the You Tube Clip about it. It's neat, but the water part would kinda freak me out. I would love to be able to live this way, but I guess it seems to good to be true. You be the judge. You can see the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2TbxhpG-Y4Q Enjoy!

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