Wednesday, March 18, 2009


My favorite little slutsicle, Bruisetta Mae got fixed today. She had two litters of puppies back to back, thanks to our neighbors: who can't keep their dog in their own yard. Enough about my neighbors. I took her this morning and the procedure went well. She's still stoned and walking around bumping into various items such as the doorways and tables.

Here's her before shot. Looking alert and excited to be in the car.

Here's an after shot. Groggy and sleepy....

And then she got comfy. Really, I don't know how riding in my backseat, on your back, with your legs in the air -just after having your uterus removed could be comfy, but she slept that way the entire ride home.

So, No more puppies for us for a while. Unless Saber has a litter, and that is unlikely. She's 8.
I think I will miss whelping, to be honest, but I think I am done. For a while, anyway.

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