Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring Was in the Air

Last weekend and the early part of this week, spring was in the air. Mark and I opened up our back porch to enjoy some warm weather last weekend. We even worked in the yard! I decided it was time to make the spring cleaning list, 2009 Edition. I started in our bedroom, cleaning everthing that would stand still. The curtains got washed, the window sills cleaned off, fan blades dusted, etc, etc. We even threw open the windows to let the fresh air inside. Next I repainted the bathroom cabinets. Lookout closet doors, you're next!

Anyway, Mark sneezed his way through the weekend, and today I fugured out why....
This bush is called a Weeping Forsythia, I believe. Anyway, every year when it blooms, Mark's allergies go crazy. And so they have. I offered to dig it up and cut it down, but he thinks it's pretty and provides a nice buffer between our yard and our bad fence neighbors. So it stands. The picture isn't great, because it was dark, but here she is in all her allergic glory.

I captured this at sunset from the back porch. It's really quite lovely, I think.

And here is Mark enjoy some time on the back porch. I believe the expression is a by product of beer and allergy pills.

Last weekend was a wonderful break in the cold weather. Today we were way back down from the 70's, but I'll take it. It's March! And that means warm weather is on the way!!

1 comment:

The Nutting Family said...

My allergies are driving me crazy!! I don't have a forsythia but something is UP! I like Mark's pic... I've been feeling the same way :)

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