Monday, March 2, 2009

Past Nightmare comes to Life

One of the best perks about getting married is that your days of dating are behind you. No more creepy blind dates, no nervousness about what the perfect outfit to wear might be, no more having to shave your legs EVERYDAY and the best part for me personally no more fear of being stood up. (I'm sensitive and self conscious, so yeah, that was definitely a worry for me).

Apparently, I was wrong. I got stood up today for a lunch date. The funniest part about this situation is I was supposed to have lunch with a former boyfriend turned friend, of both Mark and myself. In case it is unknown to you, Monday is MY day. I don't set my alarm on Mondays, I don't really do anything on Mondays that isn't fun for ME. Judge me if you want, but I don't have kids, and I know that when I do, days like my Mondays will vanish into thin air altogether, so no, I don't feel guilty when right now, I sleep until 1 o'clock on Monday afternoon. So there. Anyway, Monday being my day, I don't usually arrange lunch dates, but I had to, and for the sake of privacy to my friend, I won't mention why. I SET MY ALARM ON A MONDAY. I PUT MAKE UP ON BEFORE NOON ON A MONDAY. I WASHED MY HAIR ON MONDAY.

You get the idea. So I was pretty pissed off when he didn't show. What makes matters worse is that he did return my voice mail later, saying "Did we plan that for today? I didn't realize we had set anything up concrete." I was irrationally mad. Seeing red and all that.

Maybe I sound like a really picky princess here, but I really don't care. Judge me if you will. I think I got the crappy end of the stick today, no matter how you look at it. Poor Monday was probably very lonely without me this morning. And I got stood up. Crappy and Humiliating.

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