Sunday, May 16, 2010

bad days

My knight in shining armour comes to the rescue. Again.

Lets just say Friday was a bad day. One of the worst I've had in sometime, actually. It started with a message I can't really share. A good friend got some heartbreaking news. That story isn't mine to tell, but it broke my heart into several billion pieces and I'm still nowhere close to being over it. ....and I'm not the person it happened to. After I got the "news" I had to go to the courthouse to get our boat registered. I wouldn't have gone in usual circumstances, but in this case I had to because Mark wouldn't be able to do it at all, because of training on Friday and this week he's working over time and we pick the boat up on Friday. SO. Register the thing, I must. I got down there and there was no line. Thanking my lucky stars mercifully, I walked right up to the first available clerk and greeted her the way I greet anyone who works with the public on a daily basis, I said, " Hello! How are you today?" If you have ever been out to eat with me, you know that I thank my waitress or waiter about a million times, say please and thank you (like a good southern lady) and I always apologize needlessly. In the same turn, if you've ever done anything with Mark that needed to be "official" in anyway, you'll know he is very thorough. And anal. He gets the job done right. The first time.

So, all that said, this lady was unbelievably rude and mean to me. She asked if my husband was a lawyer and when I asked her why she said in a hateful voice that "he sent too much paperwork and for her to go through all this was completely unnecessary and a waste of time." I almost started crying then, but tried to keep it together, apologizing over and over again. I had even told her in the beginning that I had no idea what I was doing and to PLEASE, bear with me. ...but to no avail, she remained hateful until I left.

When I got in the car, I called Mark to let him know I had done something, but I wasn't sure it was the right thing and 'Oh my God, that lady was so mean to me..... (still on the verge of tears.)' He asked me had I gotten her number and a few other things, but I told him no, and that for sure, I wasn't going back in. After we hung up, I stopped by the shop to tell Beth the "news" and to ask Bill about the boat...he wasn't I head out and Courtney calls. I immediately start into my story and here come the waterworks. (That's a true best friend right there, I bet she could hardly understand me!) By this point I was so upset, I had to pull into Sonic to calm down and let Courtney talk me down. A few minutes later, I get a call. I ask Courtney to hang on and I switch over. IT'S THE LADY FROM THE COURTHOUSE. She was calling to apologize because MARK had called and spoken to her because I was so upset. At this point, I was still crying so I wasn't surprised when she sounded completely mortified. I explained to her that I was already upset when I had gone in, that I was trying my best to be nice and that her bad day plus mine had made for one really terrible day. She apologized (very sincerely) and told me the next time I come in, to come to her desk and demand that she be nice to me. (She doesn't know me! I so will!) We laughed about that and I came home.

My day wasn't completely better, but he sure made a huge difference by standing up for me. He also brought home some beautiful flowers, which were icing on the cake and laid down and took a three hour power nap with me. (All that crying must really take it out of a people.) For my knight in shining armour....thank you. For standing up for and believing in me, for loving me, faults and all and for reminding me in ways that continue to surprise me, that you can only be a whole when you find your other half.

My day wasn't really a drop in the bucket though. To my good friends who lost something really special on Friday, I am still grieving with you. I still hurt and anguish, and I am just so, so, sorry. I want to take you both in my arms, curl you into little things and hide you away from the world under my wings. And if I could, I SO would. I love you both so much.

*Angel- Sarah McLachlan

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