Sunday, May 16, 2010

wedding days

On Saturday, Mark ran sound for Logan and Angela's wedding. Logan and Mark met at work and Mark has done sound at a few other weddings (sales pitch!) so he gladly accepted the offer. We only attended the reception, which was held a Sequoya Marina. I spent most of my summers on that lake and it was fantastic to go back and visit. It was a lot different than it was the last time I visited, with several nice renovations having been made, but the feeling and atmosphere were exactly the same. People hanging out on boats, drinking before noon (the shame!), dogs running around everywhere and old men checking out chicks in bikinis. Then again, what marina doesn't that sound like? However, we still had a really good time and Logan and Angela are a beautiful couple who seem to love each other very much. We enjoyed the wedding very much.  Wouldn't you?

*What Ever Happened- The Strokes

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