Tuesday, May 11, 2010

teach your children well

The Saturday before Mothers Day, We took my mom and grandmother out for Chinese. My grandmother picked the restaurant, and she always picks the same little place in Oak Ridge. : )  I managed to get a picture of my mom, but grandmother managed to allude the camera.

My beautiful mother and myself.

On Sunday, we cooked for Mark's mom. I made quesadillas with chicken and guacamole, cheese dip, salsa and Margaritas. We took our spread out onto the back porch. Even though it was a bit chilly, I think Darlene had a good time:

Later on that night, Holly came by and I had made a red velvet cake for her to dive into. It was a huge success and I manage to pump Ryan full of sugar right before bedtime and sent them on their way...Unfortunately, my camera died before I was able to snap a pic so, you get Holly later this month. : )

Happy Mothers Day to all of my favorite mothers.... I love you all....

*Empire State of Mind- Jay-Z

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