Monday, May 17, 2010

Size matters

When it comes to picking out a swim suit, that is. I fall into the cracks as far as this goes. Unfortunately, it's not because I'm unbelievably tiny. Growing up, I was ashamed of my curves. Today, I celebrate them. Before you get all, Hoorah! Heather celebrates her curves! on me, I figure I should add that one of the reasons it's so hard for ladies to celebrate bigger bodies, is because it is damn near impossible to find clothes that make those bodies look hawt.

I spent two and a half hours on the Internet this afternoon looking for a new bathing suit to match the new boat....with very little success. You see, I'm not plus size and I'm not regular size. My size falls somewhere in the middle of those two categories. I looked at Old Navy, Gap, Target, Victoria's Secret with no luck. So, I thought OK, I will try Lane Bryant. Torrid? Nothing worked. Everything in the latter column was toooooo big. Everything in the first column was too small.

Where do I fit in??

Are you having this problem? Have you had this problem? Is the only solution to either a)gain weight or b)lose weight? I'm happy where I am now. Not to say, I couldn't stand to lose a little, but still, I've been working hard since the first of the year and for what? To be unhappy (yet again) when it comes time to pick out a bathing suit? I don't think so. SO. I'm on a mission. I'll be looking for a store or company that offers clothes to my size people. (which I am guessing is a larger portion of the American public that what I or anyone else may realize. If you know of such a place already, I'm all ears.


Jenny Woodall said...

I think it's worse for us because we have to not only deal w/ size issues, but also length issues too. The clothing companies seem to think that if you are 5'9 and above you must be stick thin.

If you do happen to find a store that caters to "goddess-sized" girls, let me know. ;)

Jenny Owens

Ellis Island said...

Thanks, Jenny!! This made my day!!! -and I certainly will!

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