Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oil Spills are for losers

So, I am trying to do my part in helping out. I sent messages out to lots of my facebook buddies, and sadly, I only had two people respond. is a non profit organization who is trying to help remedy this situation. Thousands of animals and a huge part of our ecosystem are covered in oil. Go see what you can do to help. Currently, Classic Styles in Kingston and Grey Knob Kennels are collecting hair and fur to send out in order to help people making booms. Get involved, talk to your hairstylist, pet groomer, etc. and see if they are collecting to send hair down to the gulf.
What they do is use the hair to stuff booms. The hair inside collects oil. This helps but obviously isn't a permanent fix or solution. However, every little bit helps and it always feels great to make a difference. Think about it while you watch HERE.

*Alanis Morissette: You Oughta Know


Melanie said...

Hey, I am totally behind you 100%. The only reason I didn't respond to the facebook request was because I was pretty sure you couldn't come to the ATL to pick up my hair! Ha! But I am involved with my dog groomer and hair salon to collect hair down here, so we are trying to do our part. I really wish I could go down to help clean the animals but having two kids in tow makes things infinetley difficult. Thanks for caring so much and keeping the rest of us motivated! You. Rock.

Ellis Island said...

Thanks, Mellie. : ) You rock more than me.

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