Wednesday, December 29, 2010

save the best for last-

...and no, I am not channeling Vanessa Williams, here. Ahem. So, I believe, if my calculations are correct, that this is the last blog from me of 2010! Mark and I are headed up to Pigeon Forge this weekend with Courtney and some of Mark's work buddies to end 2010 on a classy note. You know what? Scratch that. We'll be drunken buffoons, someones probably gonna get naked and maybe, just maybe someone will be drunk enough to get married at the "little chapel drive thru" while we are there. Fingers crossed, right folks?

It's just been that kind of year, folks. The kind of year I am not super sorry to leave behind. The kind of year that has to win some sort of worst year EVER! contest. The kind of year you race to drink away on New Years Eve, in the vain hope that you won't remember all of the bad stuff! Though I haven't spoken on it here (or anywhere) super publicly, my family and some of Marks have had some major issues this year. I don't plan to elaborate anymore than what I already have, (you are swearing at me for being vague right now... I can feel it!) but it is safe to say "out with the old and in with the new" has taken on new meaning for me. I sorta felt like I jinxed myself in many ways.... First of all, I cooked a traditional New Years Day dinner, which I have never done before. Secondly, I didn't take my tree down until the 2nd or 3rd, and I am told that's bad luck... whatever the case was, this year I abandoned all rules and superstitions. I took my tree down on the 27th. I do not plan to cook a traditional New Years Day dinner. (maybe not ever again, as being hungover usually sets the tone for a great year.) I have also decided not to make any resolutions. Watching a few videos with other people's takes on resolutions kinda of sold me on that. A year is a long time to look into the future at, don't you think? Here are a few things I plan to do , not resolutions, mind you, just things what I would like to work on. If I make no promises, there is no one but myself to fail!

1. Blog more often
2. Get some cool home improvement stuff done.
3. Read LOTR, for crying out loud!
4. Take my nephew to the aquarium
5. Volunteer. SOMEWHERE.

So, those are things I want to do. Here are a few things I already did this year that were pretty awesome:

1. I played the lottery. Didn't win, but had so much FUN!
2. I made Avocado french fries. And loved them.
3. I tested a cold wax kit. And Lost.
4. I called the cops on our neighbors and their bajillion cats.
5. I took up photography.  And got a new Camera!

Like I said before, this year is one I'm not sorry to leave behind, but there were at least 5 things, (and that's a really SMALL number) that I can look back on and smile when I think about them.

For now, I tip my glass to you early. I say, bring on the New Year! May it be filled with truth and light.
Happy New Year! -from me and the best thing that has ever happened to me!


*Janis Joplin- Cry Baby

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