Sunday, February 7, 2010

Kingston Casino

The best three hours I've spent in a long time! The day started out as any normal Saturday does: Mark got up early videogaming, and I slept in until the dogs insisted on going out to pee. After a while, Mark and I headed over to the station with nothing in particular in mind to do afterwards. On the way home, we stopped to get a coke and while I was rummaging around in my purse for money to pay, I came across an old lottery ticket winner for a free ticket. So I cashed it in, got another ticket and added $5 in tickets to it for fun and we headed home. We had just pulled into the driveway and we were still talking. The car was idling and Mark started scratching tickets. We found 3 winners! We were already in the car so we decided to redeem those and get fresh ones. This started a gambling frenzy and turned an otherwise blah and boring, dreary Saturday into one of the best dates I've been on in my life. Here's what we did:

We went from Rocky Top on Bluff Road to our house, scratched those tickets, redeemed them at the Rocky Top in town (across from Movie Gallery- which incedentally is going out of buisness), went to our bank and scratched those (we thought it might be lucky), redeemed those at the Exxon in town and added $3 dollars in tickets. We went to Lowes to scratch those, where we lost it all, and then went to Kroger to get fruit. Mark decided there to spend $20 more dollars on tickets. So, went to the liquor store (in Midtown) to scratch those. We redeemed those at the Rocky Top (next to Rite Aid), bought new ones and went to Rite Aid to scratch them off (which I said was bad Juju, but who's keeping track?) We redeemed those winners and bought new ones at Raceway. We scratched those off at Classic Styles (which got its parking lot paved recently- kudos, Beth!). From there, we took those winners to the Exxon at the top of the hill (wow, this is some serious local slang) and took the new ones to Bet's Pets to scratch off. From there we went back to the top of the hill (ha) to Smokin' Joes to redeem our winners (dude in there called me beautiful- bonus!) and we took those tickets to Cherokee Middle to scratch them off, where we lost everything again. We found a dollar in change, because by this point we were HOOKED, and took it to Pilot on lawnville and bought one ticket. We took it to the driving range, scratched it off, then took the winner to BP on Gallaher to redeem. We took the one we got there to Huddle House to scratch off (which, did you know it closed? WTF?) and got another dead end. We found another dollar in coins went over to the Weigels across the street (where we ran into one person and hid from another) and got one more. We scratched it at Normans (so sad it's not really there anymore) and hit another dead end. We decided from there to head home until coming up the hill I found ANOTHER two dollars (this time a bill and coins) and we took it to the Rocky Top at the top of the hill and bought the last two tickets, which we took to the bandroom and lost again.

The moral of the story:   Lottery Tickets: $33. Gas: $2.53 a gallon. Best date of your life? Priceless.

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