Sunday, February 7, 2010


Biieeeetccchhhesss. It's what my mother-in-law would say and it's the only appropriate thing I can think of at the moment. I was doing so WELL. I stuck to my running schedule. Like clockwork. I was getting up everyday and running before work, which is no small feat for someone who considers getting up before 10 to be early. (It's who I am, you don't get to judge.) I'm sure you're wondering what the hell it is that I am talking about. Well, it's my knees. At first, I thought that maybe my extra "chubby" was causing the problem. Now I am beginning to think it was the running down hill. My last run was Wednesday, which is infuriating. Wednesday I ran and I thought I was going to die. Or, at the very least, that my knees were going to come unhinged from my thighs and that I was going to have to pull myself with my arms back to the car and just wait for someone with legs to drive me and my car home. The pain is nowhere close to being gone and from what I've read about it, it may be a week or more before they are healed. I feel like I have in some way let myself and my running buddy down, but I cannot run on knees like this-even if I wanted to, and I assure you, I DO. I've been alternating heat and ice and neither one really helps at all. I may be headed for a doctors visit next week if things don't improve.

Completely disheartening. And sad. I'll update later..... biiieeettccchheeess.

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