Sunday, February 7, 2010

More Snow!

Doesn't Saber look so happy? All weekend long she pranced around looking like a queen, just like this, acting as if the snow had been delivered just for her. She jumped and ran and looked so smitten, I swear I could see her smiling!. Naturally all the other dogs hated her. She deserved that snow though. It's just been too long!

Well, we did end up getting all that wonderful snow last weekend and Courtney came prepared. We made a huge bowl of chilli on Friday night and settled in with cards and some board games. On Saturday morning we got a little more snow. Mark was sick most of the weekend, so he only ventured out once. Courtney and I played as much as we could and the girl time was nice.

Bruiser and Magoo weren't as interested in the snow as Saber was, but they were good sports about it.

Court and I warmed up with some Jack Daniels before heading out to make snow angels.

Here's to the biggest best snow of 2010- so far. 

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