Wednesday, February 10, 2010

a three makes it a trilogy

Went to the doctor today. The news was not good. It'd going to be at least a week before I can run again. Maybe longer. I have a combination of anserine bursitis and patellofemoral syndrome. Lovely. Just lovely.

The anserine bursitis is basically whe the bursa (a fluid filled pocket around your tendons) becomes inflamed.
Patellofemoral syndrome is a little trickier. Your kneecap (patella) moves side to side and up and down in a little tract on your femur (the thigh bone). This tract helps keep the kneecap in place. Mine doesn't sit in this groove the way it's supposed to. It sits just off to the right. (I know this after an X-ray.)

So now, I keep doing what I was already doing. I.C.E.: Ice, Compression, Elevation. Oh, and some seriously big doses of Ibuprofen and such. : )

At least now I know what it is.

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