Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Not Maw Kettle. It's Beth- Subject number 3 of my little Valentines game. Can you picture your home away from home? Well, her house is mine, and she is easily my maw away from mom. Don't get me wrong. THERE's NO ONE LIKE YOUR MAMA. Beth is different though. Since she hasn't actually raised me, she gives completely unbiased advice and is always objective. All of that in a way that still feels like she loves me, even when she has to tell me something I'm not going to like.

It's actually funny how our relationship came about. I honestly can't remember how old I was, but the details about our first meeting are still sharp. I was cleaning house for her "man friend" (now husband) Bill. They came by as I was retrieving my money from the cigar tin on top of the refrigerator. (side note: to this day, I still love that method of payment, it's too original to use myself, but I think of it fondly everytime I need to leave money for someone.) Anyhow, Bill introduced me and explained what I was doing there and Beth said "wanna swing by my house later? I've got a vacuum cleaner and a mop too." Simple. That was it. We laughed and I have pretty much been glued to her side since.

We've made several trips together, including the beach and the mountains. I've driven Miss Daisy to the store, and she has rescued me more times than I can remember. We are the type of people who can chat for hours or not speak at all and be absolutely comfortable in the silence- and that's saying something.

Hanging out with 40 year olds hasn't always made me fit in with the cool kids, but I don't care. She's Maw. And I love her. Happy Valentines Day, MAW.


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