Thursday, February 5, 2009

Itchy and scratchy. me and myself.

So today, a friend of mine asked me, "Hey! Don't you love the snow?" Let me get back to you on that.

We were supposed to get a bunch of snow about 3 times this week, and I have only seen flurries. Nothings laying on the ground and school has been called off. WTF? Sure, sure I get it. Being out of school is fun, and I am sure some back roads had icy spots, but with all this buzz about snow, you'd think we would have gotten some accumulation already. Jeez.

All I've gotten from our imaginary snow is really dry skin, chapped face and lips, and 6 dogs who would rather be inside tearing paper off the roll in the bathroom and stringing it about the house like someone put crack in their kibble.

Is it spring yet? I am actually looking forward to allergy season.

No, I hate imaginary snow.

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