Monday, February 23, 2009

The Recording Process

The Funktion has been recording here at the house for the past month. (I will blame this for my lack of posts.) The house has been a bit of a construction zone, and I am just now remembering to post pictures! They have started some mixing, but they still have a little way to go. "Dead Men are Heavier than Broken Hearts" is going to be amazing.

Here is Jackson, working the Bass. (He is set up in Corey's room. Their sound booth, if you will.)
Mark in the basement. He also has keyboard tracks on the album. (pardon the washer in back.)
Corey set up on the bumper pool table. (I like the Foosball handle in the foreground of the pic.)

Drew on drums in the practice room. (it's under construction from the leak. Aren't those walls pretty?)

All in all, I think the album is going to be incredible. It's a mix of Nightlife and Prayer, so it's pretty rockin, but has that mellowness you can groove to. Here's to mix down!

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