Monday, February 2, 2009

Superbowl Highlights

For me, the best thing about the Superbowl is usually the commercials. Unless I have a team favorite who made it all the way there, I gear up for the commercials. Which is odd, to me, because I follow Tennessee Football very regularly. No matter HOW BAD THE SEASON IS, and I don't leave the TV except for commercials. Weird. Anyway, I spent "game time" this year, going to the bathroom, getting a fresh drink or playing with the cutie pie nephew and "Commercial time" trying to compile a list of my favorites. You can see any of these at if you happened to miss them. Pepsi and Doritos were really killing it this year. Here they are from bottom to top. Enjoy.

* Honorable Mention: Budweiser: Show Off
6. Bridgestone: Mr and Mrs Potato Head
5. Cheetos: Pigeons: Give Daddy a kiss
4. Pepsi: I'm Good!
3. Doritos: Luck Ran Out
2. Bud Light: Swedish Conan
1. Doritos: Free chips, but no Promotion.

*This one isn't really funny, just cute. Love those Clydesdale's! There's another one with Clydesdale's about Daisy and the Circus, if you are a lover of these beauties, like me.

Happy Superbowl!

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