Sunday, February 15, 2009

Late Night Phone Calls

Have you ever gotten a phone call late at night, and you just knew the news wasn't going to be good? That's what happened to me tonight.

After a lovely dinner of Duck rolls at Beth's, Mark and I came home to settle in for the night. I got my phone out to check and see if Holly had called me, as she had been en route to Georgia today, to say that she had made it safely there. I did have a missed call, but it wasn't from her.
My grandfather had called, and he left me a voice mail. He never calls me. The call was from his cell phone. Even more strange. My heart stopped for a moment. I get the nerve to check the voicemail. It went something like this:

"Your mother cleaned the floors and did the wash today. She was busy all day long. She worked very hard. She ate a lot of cake. I took a nap and when I woke up she was in the kitchen floor. She said she was dizzy. I made her use grandmothers' walker to get to the bedroom. She also said she took her nighttime medicine. Just thought you should know. Bye."

Dear God. Please let me be dreaming. What kind of message is that? I call my grandfather's cell phone back. (An oddity in itself.) He answered and told me the same story again. I asked where my mom was now and he said "She's sleeping."
I asked him if he thought I should come up and he said, "No, I think I was just a little excited when I left the message. I think she will be fine, but you can come sleep on the sofa if you want to."

What to do? I told him to go check on her again while I discussed meds with Mark. Mark thinks it's just the "nighttime medicine" doing it's job. His actual words were, I believe she's having an Ambien Trip. He also said that sleep walking and dizziness are side effects of Ambien. Poor mama. Cant sleep with the meds, can't sleep without them. anyway, I called him back again and he said she was fine and still sleeping. Hopefully that is all there will be to this story.

Except for the fact that I am still worried and now I can't sleep.

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