Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Adventures in Babysitting

Holly needed a babysitter this afternoon, and it has been far too long since I got some quality time in with my favorite baby boy, so I gladly accepted. The only problem was, I needed to keep him at my house because of Mark's crazy shifts this week. (This makes night #2 where I've had dinner hot and ready when he walked in the door.) So Ryan stayed here. It's not really a problem per say, but he just has oodles and oodles of more toys to play with at his house. Holly brought his seat and a little basket of toys. When he got tired of those, we improvised...

Here we are... that sweet, silly smile. Just look at those baby blues! They are almost gray!

Pondering what he can get into, while I make dinner....

Pots and Pans, of course! He loved this... cheap too! : )

We decided they made great helmets, as well. Ha!

....and here's a little video for you. My nephew is more entertaining than most adults I know!

Love you, baby boy!
Aunt Hedda

1 comment:

The Nutting Family said...

so cute! he has already changed so much!!

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