Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Luck of the Truck

Mark hit a deer Monday morning on his way to work. The deer (a doe) definitely got the worse end of the stick. What's really crazy about this, is that he hit the doe in town. If you are familiar with Kingston, it may surprise you. He hit her right in front of Kykers. There were two that jumped the guard rail moving from the lake towards Kykers. He missed the first one, thankfully, (a buck) and hit the second one. The damage wasn't too bad, but it was enough to cause about 2500.00 worth of repairs.

We are going to have to replace the hood and the grill and lots of little expensive brackets and possibly the quarter panels. Mark was very lucky and had his seat belt on, so he was fine. The pop tart he was eating however, was not so lucky. It's in about 50 million pieces in the floorboard of the truck. I'm just glad he wasn't driving my car, because the damage would have been BAD. (I drive a little Saturn.)

There is something sort of funny about all this. When he called the insurance company (around 3:45 AM-he is still on that crazy work schedule) to post the claim, the lady was like "you were on your way to work? " Mark said he felt like maybe she was thinking he was on his way home from the bar, since no one in their right mind actually gets up that early to do anything.

He also found a four leaf clover when he got home from work that afternoon. If only he had found it the night before.....

I'm just glad he's OK. Whew!
Love you baby!

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