Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Guilty as Charged

I was reading Mighty Girl's Blog the other day, and she had a link to Momversation about guilty pleasures. after watching the video (and shaking my head in agreement about several things,) I decided to post my own guilty pleasures. Enjoy!

1. America's Next Top Model. I find myself posing in the bathroom mirror after each episode.

2. Going to see a movie, ALONE. This sounds rather depressing, I suppose, but there's nothing like it, really. I recommend going in the early afternoon, before school lets out, buying a huge tub of popcorn and some nachos. The last time I did this, I saw Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix all by myself. It was completely blissful. No coughing or sharing the arm rest, no crying babies, no one on their cell phone. Wonderful....

3. Walking by myself. Particularly by the lake. It's peaceful, even though I may be listening to Cherry Pie on my IPod.

4. Bad 80's music Dance Party in the car. This can be alone or with company, I don't mind.

5. I really like Brussel Sprouts, but since no one else seems to, I never buy or order them for fear of constant mockery.

There certainly are more I could add to the list, but I think 5 is plenty. So.. sound off. What are your guilty pleasures? I think I will even tag a few people, just to get the ball rolling: Talia, Brandi, Jennifer and Jade. Show me the love, ladies.

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