Wednesday, April 15, 2009

One Year Old

On Saturday, Mark and I had the privilege of celebrating Miss Olivia Kittrell's Birthday with her and her family. We rode up with Holly and Ryan and I think everyone had a great time. Tiffany did a fantastic job with the party. She made Olivia a little onesie with her hand print on the front and on the back it said, I see you, that's my cake! (I wish I had gotten a picture of the back!) Anyway, Miss Olivia had LOTS of presents, including a little white rocking chair, a red wagon and lots and lots of TOYS! This girl will be finding new things to play with for months to come!

She also had a lot of friends who came to celebrate her birthday with her, Here she is with Bryant and Ryan going for a little ride in the wagon. They were so funny by this point, because I think they were very tired. Olivia looked like she was going to fall asleep at one point.

Congrats to Josh and Tiffany. They have a sweet baby girl!
I had to include this last picture of Ryan. This is before we got back on the main road. The poor boy was TIRED!!

Happy Birthday Olivia!

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