Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Reader

Ahhh... The Reader did not disappoint. Kate Winslet WAS AMAZING. I think she kicked Meryl's ass, and that's saying something, because I loved Doubt. The Reader is set in Germany during the post Nazi Era, where a boy embarks on a relationship journey with an older woman. The whole first fourth of the movie is done naked. Lots of nudity, people, lots of nudity. The two lovers eventually fall apart and then are reunited under less than happy circumstances. I wont divulge anymore, because you really should rent it.

As a side note, I also watched The Spirit. I was thinking it would be a lot like Sin City, as they were directed by the same folks, but The Spirit lacked spirit. It was just... hokey. And Wrong. I was disappointed on this one folks. Boo.

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