Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Duck Hunt

No, I haven't been playing Nintendo! (Though I do have one and there's a thought!) I actually went Duck Hunting on Monday and thought I would share some picture love. I got several that I really loved, but here are a few of my favorites....and then one of me in hunting garb, all dressed out. Next time I promise to do better on my make up. : )

Here's Jake. Looking stoic and lovely..

Here's a lovely shot with the sun in the background and the reflection, framed by trees

Here are Bill and Jake. The best hunting buddies ever!

And here I am. Practically makeup-less. I need to perfect my camo application.

I had a wonderful time...we did get one duck. A gaddy, I believe. Bill says he prays for a good, quick, clean kill. Unfortunately for me (and more so for the duck) it wasn't so. She survived the shot, but was mortally wounded. We had to hang her. It was extremely unpleasant for me. I really wanted to help her, I felt very torn and struggled with it for sometime. The thing that makes me feel better is that Bill and his wife (along with Mark and I) eat everything he kills. That helps some, but I really understand the importance now of a quick kill. It's better all around, especially for the bird. I'm headed back out into the wilderness again on Friday, if the roads don't ice over and I can drive out to meet Bill. I really want to get some great photos, and I think I have made a decent start here.

*Journey- Anyway You Want It

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