Wednesday, January 12, 2011

if I'm not careful... will turn into a photography blog. (Oh well, that might not be so bad!) Anyway, I recovered pictures from my second hunting excursion and have more to add! This hunting thing has really gotten me off schedule. Waking up at the crack of dawn is not ordinarily my thing (as any of my faithful readers will already know and can easily attest to). It is fun though. Once I am up and out there, it's really quite enjoyable. There were some moments of frustration and I am still learning new things about my camera, but as long as I enjoy what I am doing, I'm gonna take that as a job well done. Being outside makes me really happy. : ) It's gooooood for me... here are a few of my favorite shots...Enjoy!

So much fun, and lots of sweet dog faces! : )  See you next time, duck and geese!

*I'm Waiting on the Man- The Velvet Underground

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