Thursday, January 27, 2011

of this week and whats yet to come

This week I have kept up with my Comcast workouts really well. Today I plan on abs and cardio. (Wish my flab luck!) I have already done Upper body (Crunch Fitness) and Lower body (kick boxing, Buns and thighs 2, and a Billy Blanks video) and cardio each day. I can't say enough about variety. I get SO bored when I have to do the same thing everyday.

 Anyway, it's been a sort of slow week here around the house and I am really learning the meaning of that phrase 'a woman's work is never done.' I cleaned the entire house on Monday. I swept, mopped, vacuumed, did my bathrooms, the laundry, etc. Today, I am doing it again! I know part of this is because we use kerosene in the winter and that makes a dusty mess everywhere and the other fact is due to Saber blowing her coat. The dog fur! Oh, the DOG FUR.

 Today it's sunny and warm so I am leaving her outside. Last week I gave her bath and since her favorite thing to do after I give her a bath is roll around in red clay mud, I have been keeping her outside visits brief. It may sound a little gross, but Saber only gets a bath about twice a year. Her coat keeps us from doing it anymore frequently than that because if we did, she would have some serious skin issues. The other dogs get a bath much more frequently, though. So. I'm re-cleaning. I guess while I am at it, I will catch the laundry up as well.

Tomorrow I am super excited for! Mark is going hunting with me and Bill! He has taken an interest in it, and wants to check it out before he makes any real commitment. I have learned that hunting is expensive! Just the money you have to put into clothing and apparel alone is quite a bit. That's not even mentioning licensure and waterfowl stamps. I am so looking forward to spending time both with him and time in the wilderness. There's something about being outside that makes me so happy. I am already thinking about getting to plant flowers in the spring and looking forward to some remodeling projects that Mark and I are hoping to put into action this summer. Hellooo warm weather!

*Happy Together- The Turtles

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