Saturday, March 19, 2011

18 and 19 Combined

I can't believe I forgot to post yesterday! Not the first time I have neglected my duties, but I have posted everyday of March and was doing fairly well! Alas, yesterday and today were days of fun and excitment, and I am using that as my excuse for the late posting. : )

Yesterday Mark grilled Tuna Steaks, Squash and Zuccini on the grill and then he and I plus my sweet Coco ate out on the back porch and enjoyed the evening together. After it got late and Mark started sneezing, we came inside and watched Get Low. If you haven't seen it yet, I recommend it. It's about a man from Tennessee who attends his own funeral while still alive. Bill Murray and Robert Duvall star in it. So Good!

Today Courtney and I got up early and packed a picnic and headed out to Ozone. We just needed a girls day and had planned to do it earlier in the week. We packed (and Courtney cooked and prepared) pasta salad, chicken salad, bread, boursin cheese, crackers and red velvet mini cupcakes. We also toted a bottle of champagne out there. I think several people thought we were on a date. (Not that we really care, but I guess it did sort of appear that way to some of the people out there.)

The day really was worth all of those pestering things that Coco is doing to me right now as I post this. They (she and MARK) are bugging the ever loving shit out of me as I write, so I am signing out.

Love to all....

*Red, Red Wine- UB40

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