Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Birthday Month!

That's right y'all! I turn 30 this month! (29 the sequel, not so much. I think I am going to own 30, like the big girl that I am.) What would my birthday month be without a project? 30 days of 30 I think is what it will be, so I will have two post birthday posts since my birthday is the 28th.  So, I am leaving two of them up to you guys. I plan to do something interesting and document it here daily. (Hopefully.) SO. You've read my life list...and if you haven't it's over there ---->.

My first cool thing for 30 days of 30 is figuring out how to do this picture thing. All by myself. Think of something cooler than that. Because I am thinking it's already pretty lame.

So pick something. Anything. Preferably within the continental US. As this was a spur of the moment decision, it's gotta be pretty cheap. Help me out. : )

*Up Around the Bend- CCR

1 comment:

Sarah H said...

You should totally start that compost. It's the perfect time of year to begin. Plus, it should remind you of band initiation. Good times. Good times.

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