Sunday, March 6, 2011

power nap

Day five and today I finished The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo and took a nice long power nap. The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo was a wonderful read. I got through it fairly quickly considering the number of times I had to put it down. Stieg Larsson was a phenomenal writer. The book centers around sexual violence against women and parts of it are really twisted. (Right up my alley.- the weirder the better, I say!) An author is trying to find out what happened back in the sixties with a wealthy buisness mans neice who mysteriously dissapears. It's pretty thrilling! I'm starting The Girl Who Played with Fire tonight. I expect it will be pretty awesome as well.

I realized today when I had nothing better to report than my nap and finishing of a great book, that not everyday can be something fantastically special. That's part of life, and I accept that. That said, today was a pretty great day. Even though it rained, it was the perfect day to nap and read and eat too much.

I hope your weekend was amazing....

*Mr. Roboto- Styx

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