Monday, March 28, 2011

a very happy birthday

Today I turned 30. Whoop, whoop, ding, ding! 30 feels pretty great. My birthday was very chill and simple. Exactly what I wanted. I was surrounded by family and had red velvet cake for breakfast/lunch. A pretty sweet way to start out my 30's. I did my elaborate post last night, so today I'll keep it simple with pictures. My grandfather (Gia) also had a birthday today! He's 89 and a real gem.

We look pretty dang good, I think! Ryan helped me open some of my gifts...and then we helped "pawpaw" open his, too... always the little helper, that one. : )

I feel like rockin' out, but since I turned 30, I think I'll just chill instead.
Demanding a new level of respect, youngins'.

*Birthday- The Beatles (because it fits.)

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