Tuesday, March 15, 2011

bookshelf and light

14 days down....Today has been a really good day. I didn't really do a whole lot, but my time was spent wisely today and that seems so rare. I took Holly and Ryan to visit with my mom. She is doing so much better today and she has no bruising somehow, even though all of the airbags in her car deployed. It's a possibility that the bruises my not show until tomorrow, but for now she seems to be doing so well. I am so happy and grateful. I spent some time with my grandparents today, just us and Ryan while mom and Holly went to survey the damage to the car. The four of us ate brownies and made animal shapes from play-doh at the kitchen table that I used to sit and play at as a child. It was just a really nice afternoon. After dropping Holly at work, Ryan and I came back to my house and made sandwiches and watched 'Megamind'. After his other sweet Aunt, Mary Ann, came to pick him up I sat and read until Mark got home. We sat quietly together in the office, me reading and him checking emails and returning messages. A little while later he spoke saying "Heather, look at the sun hitting those bushes... they look like like neon...only on fire..."

and so they do....

I was so glad Mark glanced up at just the right moment and spoke. Not only would I have missed that beautiful scene, I wouldn't have been able to share it with him.  After taking pictures, we got up and together made one of our favorite suppers...one we like to call BRINNER (breakfastfordinner). He made the bacon, because he does it best. I made the eggs, scrambled soft, just the way we like them. We had toast and fruit and orange juice. Mark went to bed shortly after brinner. I, up until about 20 minutes ago, plowed my way through the rest of The Help

This book is one of the most inspiring books I've read since Eat Pray Love. It's just a beautiful book. The short version of what its about would be a women who dares to write a book about the lives of "the help" during the early 1960's. "THe Help" actually helps her write the book and somehow the find a kind of friendship somewhere in the middle. The maids were black women who weren't treated well back then by most. It's hard to believe that those times aren't so far behind us, and that some people still treat not only women of color and all other nationalities this way, but they mistreat the men, too. I can't even wrap my head around the concept well enough to tell anyone properly, but if you want to read something informative, slightly thrilling and at the same time uplifting, this book is going to make it's mark on your soul. I really really loved it. I love Aibileen, Minny and Skeeter SO MUCH right now.

*Don't Go Breakin' My Heart- Jesse McCartney

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