Monday, March 21, 2011


My day started early. I was wide awake at 5AM with a belly ache. Mark was already up and showered, getting ready for work. It's not too often that he sees me at that time of day and I guess when he saw me tromping up the the stairs, hair flying in twenty one different directions and still in my underwear and t-shirt, I sort of scared him.

M: "Damn baby, you're up early."
H: "....................."

M: "You're in a good mood. Why are you even walking around? It's not even light out yet."
H: "....................."

M: " You know you could talk to me... I never get a coherent response out of you before I leave for work."
H: "Where is the pepto?"

M: "See? You're not even making sense right now."
H: "What about me asking you for the pepto didn't you understand?"

M: "There's my girl. Have a good day. Love you...."

yeah, I'm so not a morning person. My bellyache did go away eventually but I never really went back to sleep. Ryan got here around 11:30. We spent the day running errands. He is such a joy!

Not 10 minutes ago, right as I was starting this post, Mark was heading to bed. I kissed him goodnight like I always do and told him to have a good day tomorrow and that I loved him. He disappeared for a few minutes and returned when the following conversation ensued....

M: "There are no sheets on the bed."
H: "Oops. Yeah, I forgot to put them back on. I washed them today. They are in the dryer."

M: "Yeah, I know."
H: "So you trudged back upstairs because your arms and legs are broken to tell me that there are no sheets on the bed?"

M: "Help me."
H: "No."

M: "C'mon. Please?"
H: "Sorry, I'm busy blogging. Can't you see how important my work is here? I am changing lives!"

M: "You can blog about this conversation if you help me put the sheets on. it will only take a minute."
H: "I'm going to do that anyway. Because you amaze me."

M: "I amaze you?"
H: "Yeah. It amazes me that you think you can bargain with me about blogging and laundry."

M: "Touche.......Are you gonna help me though?"
H: "Of course I am. I just wanted to give you a hard time."

M: "Thanks babe. What would I do without you?"
H: "You'd never wash your sheets is what I'm guessing."

Man, I love that guy.  : )

*Oh Shelia- De-Javu

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