Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Today (day 6) I got in touch with my creative side and went to Walmart and bought painting supplies. I bought several canvases, some brushes and some paint. I also got pots to re-pot some of my flowers that I managed to move inside before winter got to them. They are now huge and hopefully not root bound. I also bought some Cannes (or Caneys as we in the south like to call them) and am hoping to get them planted in place of my elephant ears sometime this week. I'm moving the elephant ears around to the side of the house where they can take over the way they want to. In short, I will be painting and planting for the next few days. : )

Ryan picked out a little pot and some flowers to put in it too. Pictures of that to come soon. : )

Yesterday I also had a little melt down. I've been feeling that need to cry for several days now, and yesterday it came to a head. Luckily, I have a man and a woman in my life who are strong enough to catch me when I fall. I just need to learn that when I need that safety net, it's there, and to not be terrified to use it.

*Damn it Feels Good to be a Gangster- Geto Boys

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