Friday, March 4, 2011

day 3

The kitchen compost is coming along nicely. I would post a picture, but tell me, do you really want a picture of decaying fruit and vegetables? I think not. So far there are banana peels and some onion and pepper scraps. I am sure I will have coffee grounds to add through the weekend as well, as Mark drinks it like a fiend on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Last night I set my alarm for no reason. I didn't have to be anywhere or have anything in particular on my agenda, but I thought that sounded like a boring day and decided to do whatever my heart so desired when I got up. This morning I got up, had breakfast (greek yogurt with honey and banana- YUM!) After breakfast and a few chapters of The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo, I decided that I would get out and tackle some serious yard work. I raked the flower beds and bagged leaves for the majority of today and even though I am a little sore, I feel fabulous. Mother Nature is treating me right! I also got the house clean and dinner is ready to be cooked.

I'm hoping for Margaritas later on the back porch. : )

*Help Me Rhonda- The Beach Boys

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